Life took a beautiful turn while she was in school studying in 10th grade. She was noticed by director Manmohan Singh and writer Baldev Gill. They were looking for a young innocent girl to play the title role in the movie “Naseebo”. That was her first movie that she did while in school. Her first stint in acting turned out to be very successful, the movie was liked by one and all. In Canada and U.S., every Punjabi household had a copy of this movie. She worked in many Punjabi movies:

  • Naseebo
  • Qahar
  • Khoon Da Daaj
  • Shaheed Udham Singh
  • Jee Aayan Nu
  • Asanu Mann Watna Da
  • Sat Sri Akal
  • Mera Pind My Home
  • Ik Kudi Punjab Di
  • Ajj De Ranjhe
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